Opening Hours for Shenzhen Happy ValleyWeekdays: 09:30-21:00 Special days: 09:00-21:00
冒险山 太空梭 森林攀爬

MT Adventurous

In MT Adventurous, you will find Instant Space shuttle that breaks into the air, together with Valentine’s Garden filled with romance. It is a overlooking wonderland of adventure full of infinite challenge and love

Instant Space Shuttle

The Instant Space Shuttle—First Chinese “Tower of Thrillers”


Ascending 60 meters in 1.8 seconds, you will enjoy the breath-taking adventure, pressure released in the instant passion and pleasure you never experience

Character:Rapid & Agravity

Applicable:A height between 140cm and 190cm

Forest Adventure

Forest Adventure—where you enjoy the ever-challenging outward bound


Optional 15 sets of diverse outward training activities, where you can find the persistence and pleasure in discovering the potentials

Character:Outward Bound & Climbing

Applicable:All ages. It is recommended that the tourists choose appropriate activity in accordance with the difficulty

  • MT Adventurous

    MT Adventurous

  • Instant Space Shuttle

    Instant Space Shuttle

  • Forest Adventure

    Forest Adventure