Opening Hours for Shenzhen Happy ValleyWeekdays: 09:30-21:00 Special days: 09:00-21:00
  • How much is Happy Valley entrance ticket? Where else will I spend touring in the park?

    Yes, Hi, welcome to tour in Happy valley. The full-price daytime ticket is ¥230 each while night ticket ¥100 each. Happy Valley will unleash occasional preferentials, and you can get more details from the official website. The rule in Happy Valley is one ticket for all, basicly speaking, no extra expense is required for all the motor amusement projects and performance. Hope this could help you and have a good time

  • What is the validity period for Shenzhen Happy Valley Ticket?

    Individual ticket would be valid for one week; Group Ticket valid only for the day. Online ticket will be valid within the day you select when placing the order. The ticket is useful once, and re-entry from outside the park would require a new ticket.

  • Which hotels nearby Happy Valley shall I Check In?

    Hotels near Shenzhen Happy Valley:

    ● City Inn (Happy Valley Shop):0755-26930666 Economic,

    ● City Inn (Innovation Centre Shop):0755-26932828,Economic

    ● City Inn (Splendid China Shop):0755-26933222,Economic;

    ● Shenzhen Yanhanshan Hotel:0755-26931810,2 star level;

    ● Shenhen Hongbo Hotel:0755-26949448, 3 star level;

    ● Seaview O'City Hotel Shenzhen:0755-26602222 4 star level;

    ● Shenzhen Vennes Hotel:0755-26936888,5 star level;

    ● Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen:8008302008/0755-33993388,platinum 5 star level

  • Is Happy Valley operational on Rainy Days

    Shenzhen Happy Valley will be open to the public on rainy days. Drizzle or shower will not affect the project operation in Happy Valley. In case of rainy days, outdoor projects of Shenzhen Happy Valley will be canceled. When it is moderate rain or above, the operation of indoor projects (such asSpace Shuttle, Snow Dragon, Perfect Storm, the Discovery Swinger) will be suspended. If it is a light rain, these projects will be open to visitors again. All indoor projects(4D Theater, Laserjet Bumper, Bullet Rains, Ranger Training Camp, Jungle Water Battle)and aquatic project(such as Gold Mine Drifting, Shoot the Chute, Plava Maya Water Park) and indoor performance(City of Fantasy Theater, Center Theater, Magic Theater etc.) will not be affected by rainy days. Even a stormy weather will not reduce your joyful experience. You can still enjoy a happy time and appreciate wonderful performances to the fullest at Happy Valley on rainy days.

Happy Valley Full-Price ticket
¥230 each
Happy Valley Night ticket
¥100 each