Opening Hours for Shenzhen Happy ValleyWeekdays: 09:30-21:00 Special days: 09:00-21:00

Inner-Park Transport Operation Table and Prices

Operation Table

No Project Week Days Special Days
1 Happy Line 09:30-18:30 09:00-19:00
(18:00 last dispatch) (18:30 last dispatch)
2 Happy Line-Castle stop 12:00-17:30 12:00-17:30
(17:00 last dispatch) (17:00 last dispatch)
3 Inner-Park Loop Train 10:00-17:00 09:30-17:00
4 Sightseeing Vehicle 09:30-18:00 09:00-18:00


Applicable time:Nov.14th to Dec 2nd 2016

Sightseeing Vehicle

Inner-Park Loop Train

Child Scooter

Ticket Price (effected from July 1st)

Transport  Ticket Weekdays Special Days
Full Price Seniors & Children Preferential Full Price Seniors & Children Preferential
Sightseeing Vehicle(Jalopy, Charging motor) Multiple Times ¥40 ¥30 ¥50 ¥40
Single Time ¥30 ¥30
Charging motor Renting ¥480 /each/hour ¥680/each/hour
Inner-Park Loop Train Single Trip ¥20 ¥10 ¥30 ¥20
Multiple Trips ¥30 ¥20 ¥40 ¥30
Applicable Special Days: festivals, gold weeks, summer holidays
Week Days: other working days than special days
Full-price Ticket:applicable to adults and children at a height above 150cm ;
Seniors & Children Preferential Ticket: applicable to children at a height between 120cm and 150cm (inclusive of 150cm) and seniors aged 65 years old or above
A Supplemental Single Time Ticket for Outer-Park Transport
Sightseeing Vehicle(Jalopy, Charging motor Ticket Outer-Park Transport(Weekdays)
Single Time ¥20
Notes:single time ticket for outer-park transport is discounted of ¥10 (from original price of ¥30). No other preferential ticket applied.

Children Seated Trolley Lease Instruction

Item Pricee
Deposit ¥100 /each
Rental ¥50 /day


1. Maximum weight: 27kg; Maximum height:140cm

2. No children trolley is going outside the valley

3. Do not leave valuables in the trolley, or you shall be liable for the potential loss

Happy Valley Full-Price ticket
¥230 each
Happy Valley Night ticket
¥100 each