Opening Hours for Shenzhen Happy ValleyWeekdays: 09:30-21:00 Special days: 09:00-21:00

Park Delicacy

KFC MDW Pizza Hut Starbucks Magic Castle Restaurant Tea Element (Happy Valley Shop) Sparkle Gelato Happy Valley Old Captain Halloween Theme Specialty Delicacy
  • KFC

    Global chain restaurant; hamburgers, drumsticks, desserts, drinks, combo, breakfast, afternoon tea.

  • MDW

    Cold dish, Hand-pulled noodle, Shaanxi snacks, cakes, dumplings, Boiled dumplings and porridge.

  • Pizza Hut

    One of the world's largest pizza chain companies

  • Starbucks

    The world's largest chain coffeehouse with the highest quality of coffee and a unique brand experience.

  • Magic Castle Restaurant

    Mainly offer featured clay pot rice. Specialties are Hunan style cured meat, Cantonese style cured meat etc.

  • Tea Element (Happy Valley Shop)

    Specialized in Taiwan tea drinks, coffee, milk tea, Taiwan shredded cake, Taiwan-style braised pork rice, octopus balls and other kinds of hot and cold leisure drinks and snacks. Free WIFI is available.

  • Sparkle Gelato

    Italy low-fat ice cream production technology with a hundred kinds of taste

  • Happy Valley Old Captain

    Guangxi cuisine and group meals

  • Halloween Theme Specialty Delicacy

    During Halloween, top-notch hotel will settle in the park and provide an abundant Halloween feast which includes skeleton biscuits, eyeball cake, bloody Halloween combo etc. You will enjoy a five-star bloody feast here.

Happy Valley Full-Price ticket
¥230 each
Happy Valley Night ticket
¥100 each