Opening Hours for Shenzhen Happy ValleyWeekdays: 09:30-21:00 Special days: 09:00-21:00

Happy Shows

Dreamlike Shenzhen
Tunnel Warfare
Top-notch Teenagers
City of Fantasy
Zero-distance interactive performance

The 1st large-scale urban-theme magic scene play---Dreamlike Shenzhen

Brand-new fantasy creation of Shenzhen Happy Valley in 2014
The performance designated by the 10th International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) Art Festival
Dreamlike Shenzhen takes Shenzhen metropolis culture as creation background, takes four chapters which include “urban pace”, “urban life”, “urban feeling” and “urban dream” as thematic clues, presents Shenzhen people’s fashionable, modern, trendy and positive cultural atmosphere and manifests modernized urban charm of creative Shenzhen and fashion city.

Venue: Gaiety Theatre

Large-scale live-action filming performance ----Tunnel Warfare

Tunnel Warfare recurs the magnificent historical scrolls of the Anti-Japanese War and brings people to the eventful years imbued with flames of war. You can also put on performance costume and participate in on-site filming and jointly perform with actors. Real explosion effect, ingenious tunnel design, actors’ funny coordination amuse audience a lot.

Venue: Happy Times TV & Television Filming Zone

X-sports performance——Top-notch Teenagers

As the characteristic project of Happy Valley, X-sports performance continuously attracts numerous visitors. Top-notch bicycle-motocross, skateboard and roller-skating players coming from China, the US, Canada and other countries will present various highly difficult movements here. The perfect combination of speed and skills is indeed amazing.

Venue: Sunshine Beach X-sports Camp

Panoramic Fantasy Show——City of Fantasy

Do you want to add magic power to ordinary life? Do you want to make every dream come true? Ch-Ch-Changes, the magic will make its presence. We sincerely invite all children to jointly experience wonderfulness of magic show.

Venue: City of Fantasy Theater, Castle Magic

Dozens of interactive performances including dancing & signing

performance, magic, acrobatics and comedy across the whole park will bring endless joy to you. Welcome to joins us!

Happy Valley Full-Price ticket
¥230 each
Happy Valley Night ticket
¥100 each